Heineken Unlimited Edition

More than 60 millions of unique different labels, generated by an algorithm, following brand image and design principles managed by Robilant&Associati.


Design, Generative Graphics

The challenge was hard. Generate more than 60 millions of unique labels, ready for industrial print services, following the iconic Heineken brand’s strict guidelines. Generating something both unique and stylish. Letting an algorithm understand and follow the designer’s principles.

To achieve this goal we had to move a step forward respect to the already existent and widely used softwares for generating print-ready graphics. So we wrote our own software, working with the tools we normally use to make video games, using 2D and 3D graphics together, as well as post effects and distortions coming from the demo scene age.

It all ended up using 10 computers in parallel, with a custom software written in Unity. More than 200GB of total RAM employed in the process. We started from 1.000 different original patterns, crafted by the designers from Robilant&Associati. To orchestrate the random generation we got the seeds from the Champions League’s anthem. A total of 95 millions of different seeds. It took months in development and a total of 350 hours of final generation process.