Motul Virtual Reality Experience

In 2016 we presented the first version of the Motul Virtual Reality Experience developed for HTC Vive. This project is conceived to showcase Motul racing products during events and MotoGP races, with an interactive and ludic approach


The user plays the part of a Motul mechanic who has to prepare a motorbike for a race. The experience starts in a garage, in which the user can pick the best options for his motorbike using a dedicated holographic console. During this selection, the user has a chance to discover some of the most popular Motul products, and to use them for the race.

Once the configuration is completed, the motorbike is ready to run. The user attends the race from different point of views located on the track, inciting his pilot and following his overtakes. The selected options affect the results and only the best configurations will result in a victory.

Motul Virtual Reality Experience has been showcased during Intermot 2016, EICMA 2016, MotoGP Gran Premio Motul de la Comunitat Valenciana and MBE 2017 and during a tour in 2017 which included both MotoGP and Superbike races and events.