FAAC Virtual Reality

FAAC Group provides solutions for access automation systems and automatic pedestrian and vehicle security access control systems. Faac Virtual Reality is their first interactive VR experience.


The necessity of showcasing heavy or big products, expensive to move and display during fair trades and events, is one of the most common among our clients. When the space is limited and many solutions require a huge effort in terms of money and time, working in a virtual dimension is usually a winning solution.

This virtual reality experience allows the user to live in first person the use of FAAC products and discover their features in a revolutionary way. Wearing the HTC Vive headset, the user finds himself travelling across the streets of a city sitting in a car.

Using the designated FAAC controller, he is able to interact with the bollard he finds on his way, showing its components and its hidden mechanisms. Thanks to virtual reality it is also possible to show the bollard installation, from a point of view which would be impossible to show otherwise.