MotulEvo VR Experience

Once again, Virtual Reality brings to specialized events and trade fairs a unique view, giving visitors and potential clients a chance to perform a full operating flow on MotulEvil automatic machines.

MotulEvo is a program of the Motul group dedicated to the maintenance of automatic gearboxes. Their automatic machines present unique features that are especially evident when they are operating. Unfortunately, most of the times it's not possible to display operational flows during public events and trade fairs. Virtual Reality allows visitors not only to see a full working demo of Motulevo products, but to operate with them and learn the correct flow and additional information about them.

During MotulEvo VR Experience users are invited to perform a full engine oil change using Motul products and MotulEvo ATMs. The user is free to interact with the environment and with the items freely, providing an incomparable sense of realism and presence. At the same time, operating on the virtual machines allows the user to deeply understand their functioning and features.