Motul Leap

Motul products can be used on a wide range of motorbike parts, and trade fairs are a perfect moment to share data, details and tips with potential customers. Our Leap Motion system convey all this information in an interactive and engaging way.

The Leap Motion controller uses IR cameras and three infrared LEDs to track hand gestures and communicate them with a computer. Using this peripheral as an input device, Studio Evil has designed a Motul experience that allows the users to configure a virtual motorbike and apply Motul products just moving hands and fingers.

MBE2019 visitors were encouraged to select among different options of motorbike elements, and then to clean and prepare it with selected Motul products. The interactive experience highlights commercial information and guides the user during the product application.

At the end the experience, an augmented reality setup allowed the client to take pictures of the visitors together with their virtual custom motorbike. The picture was then printed and left as a branded gadget, as well as sent via email.